QuickBase Scheduler and Event Calendar add-on/extension for you Mobile/Tablet Device

Manage your schedules and tasks directly on your device. Import your schedules to your native calendar or add new task easily using this app.

View Your Schedules

All your schedules stored in your Quickbase database is loaded and shown in an calendar. Tap on any date to view all your events for the particular day. Filter or swipe month or week to load data from Quickbase for that particular month or week.

Import Schedules/Events to your Mobile Calendar

With a tap of a button you can import your calendar into your iOS or Google Calendar. You can set reminders once the event metadata is loaded into your device native calendar.

Add new events

You can choose to add a new event record to Quickbase from your Phone or Tablet device using the event builder form.

Edit existing events

You can choose to edit existing event record to Quickbase from your Phone or Tablet device using the event builder form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What calendar views are supported?

You can choose from Month, Work Week and Week calendar view formats.

You can tap a button to initialize you device native calender entry form. You can see option to set reminders there.

Video Demo

If you have more questions please feel free to  contact us.

Download the App from

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Available for Mobile and Tablet devices

Your first 3 add-ons are FREE. NO Registration, Credit-Card, or Commitment

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Do i have to pay for the app?

No, You do not need to pay for downloading the app. Moreover, the first 3 add-ons you configure are Free. You can subscribe for additional add-ons.

No, you don't have to be an advanced Quickbase user to start utilizing the app. The app comes with an easy-to-use, fully labeled, DIY (do it yourself) setup wizard for each add-on. Just follow along with the setup wizard & you will be ready to use any add-on in no time!

Your data will be in Quickbase. The app uses Quickbase API to connect with your data. Feel free to ask us questions or reach your IT department to test app integrity. Moreover, there is no API delete call in the whole app, so your data can never be deleted from within the app.

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