Easy export your saved Quickbase table report into Excel or CSV file.

QB-Kit Table Report Exporter is a tool that allows you to export your table report in excel (xlsx) or csv format.

Save your Quickbase table report

Export Quickbase Table report into Excel or CSV file.: How many times you wished to save a table report in Quickbase and be able to later export it into EXCEL or CSV file without issues? Now you can easily do it! Simply export your Quickbase table report into any other format. No matter if your original table is made of text, numbers, or dates - QB-Kit Table Report Exporter will convert your report into EXCEL or CSV (with proper formatting). Don't worry about losing some of the values - double check it by making sure that once your data was exported from Quickbase - all the values are properly imported in Excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to export Quickbase records to Excel or CSV File?

Simply select the table you want to export your data from. The tool will show you all the available reports from the selected table. Just tap on the report to export your data. Check out the demo video for more.

The app incrementally queries data using Quickbase API, so that all available records can be queried and exported.

Video Demo

If you have more questions please feel free to  contact us.

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Do i have to pay for the app?

No, You do not need to pay for downloading the app. Moreover, the first 3 add-ons you configure are Free. You can subscribe for additional add-ons.

No, you don't have to be an advanced Quickbase user to start utilizing the app. The app comes with an easy-to-use, fully labeled, DIY (do it yourself) setup wizard for each add-on. Just follow along with the setup wizard & you will be ready to use any add-on in no time!

Your data will be in Quickbase. The app uses Quickbase API to connect with your data. Feel free to ask us questions or reach your IT department to test app integrity. Moreover, there is no API delete call in the whole app, so your data can never be deleted from within the app.

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